A user profile must be created in TRASA before they can access protected services.

User Identity Provider

TRASA has a default user identity provider and can be used to create and manage the profile of users who will be accessing remote services.

Managing users in TRASA is the quickest way to provision for remote access for your team, fellow employees, or 3rd party contractors. Most of the time, your organization might already be using user identity providers such as Gsuite, Jumpcloud, Active Directory to manage user accounts. In that case, it makes sense to integrate TRASA with those providers rather than creating duplicate profiles.

Unique user profile

All TRASA users are uniquely identifiable. TRASA automatically assigns UUID for each user. Along with unique ID, email and username should of each user enrolled in TRASA must be unique.

User roles

TRASA has two user roles

  1. orgAdmin - User with administrative privilege to configure TRASA.
  2. selfUser - User who uses TRASA to access protected services.