Account Setup


To start the setup process

For root account:

Open TRASA_HOST in your browser and authenticate with default credential (root:changeme). It is either the IP or domain address you used during installation.

For all other accounts:

Open verification link (either received via email or directly from your administrator) in your browser and setup new password.


Account setup flow:

1. Setup password (Required).

2. Enrol mobile device (Required): Once you authenticate with changed password, you will be redirected to enrol mobile 2FA device.

3. Enrol workstation device (Optional): Once you enrol mobile device, you can now access dashboard pages.

Accessing TRASA dashboard

Following image shows opening TRASA_HOST in browser which is an IP address.

dashboard login

If you are root user, use default credentials (root:changeme) to authenticate. Otherwise, use verification link (which will be in url format: https://<trasa-server-host>/woa/verify#token=tokenval )

Set your password

If the previous step is successful, you will be redirected and forced to set a new password.

setup password

After you set your password, you will be redirected to login page again.

Enrol Mobile Device

Prepare mobile device

Download TRASA mobile app from App Store or Play Store.


TRASA requires two factor authentication by default and TRASA mobile app is default supported authenticator. Since this is your first login, you need to enrol device first:

Enrol Steps:

Authenticate with your username (email address or root username) and freshly set password. You will be redirected to a page to enrol your mobile device.

qr-codeenrol device
  1. Press the + button (bottom right).
  2. Press QR image icon button. This will open in-app camera.
  3. Scan the QR image from TRASA dashboard
  4. If everything goes well, you will see the following icon on your app
enrol device

You can click the icon to view your totp codes.

Test dashboard access

Press login button in dashboard page (where QR code is shown), you will be redirected to Login page again.

  1. Authenticate with your credentials

  2. Once the credentials are validated, you will see second-step verification page

    enrol device
  3. From your TRASA mobile app, note totp code and enter in dashboard to proceed login.

    enrol device
  4. Server will validate your totp code and will redirect to dashboard overview page.

    dashboard overview