Part 5 - Test access to services

We've configured service profile and access routes in Part 4 or this tutorial.

Now, we will test access to services.



  • SSH service can be accessed from both dashboard (no external client required) or any ssh clients (PuTTY, Bitvise, OpenSSH client).
  • RDP services are only accessible from the dashboard. i.e. does not support RDP from other clients.
  • Https service can only be accessed from the browser and only if the TRASA browser extension is installed in the browser.

Viewing available service access

You can view available services that can be accessed from My Page. Every service that is assigned to you will be listed on that page.

Below is a screenshot of available access applications and services for the Nepsec administrator.

my services

Testing SSH access

Testing Windows RDP access

Testing Web(Gitlab) access