Advance Configurations

This tutorial series only covers the basic scenario and shows one of many ways TRASA can protect internal access to your services.

But TRASA is a unified access control platform, meaning it offers many access control features to protect your teams and services. Below we list some other features which TRASA supports.

SSH certificate auth

You can use TRASA to setup SSH certificate authentication.

Secure credential storage, single sign on

You can use TRASA to store credentials in credentials (password and keys) vault so that you need not share a password with your teams or 3rd party support team.

Radius authentication

Protect access to hardware devices (firewall, router, switch) with TRASA radius server authentication

Native two factor authetnication

Native two factor authentication agent to protect windows and linux OS.

Adhoc access policy

Implement maker checker type policy to make every access go through mandatory access review.


Integrate with external identity providers to import user's identity