Basic Policy

"Basic Policy" supports time and location-based policy along with control over two-factor authentication, option for session recording, and permission for file transfers.

  1. Second Factor Auth

    • Enforce mandatory 2FA
  2. Session Recording:

    • Enable or disable session recording. Only supported in SSH and RDP.
  3. File Transfers:

    • Allow or disallow file transfers in SSH or RDP session.
  4. IP Source:

    • Whitelist IP source. The default is, which allows from all sources.
    • You can whitelist multiple sources as comma-separated values.,
  5. Day and Time:

    • Allows restricting access based on day and time.
    • E.g. Sunday 11 AM-4 PM, Monday 1 AM-9 PM. Lets you create multiple day and time-based policies.
  6. Expiry

    • Set time when this policy expires. Important when you have to allow access to 3rd party support, for example, one day. The policy automatically revokes access after expiry.