Adhoc Policy

Ad Hoc policy is a temporary policy given by administrator when requested.

Users need to request ad hoc policy when

  • A service is configured to enforce ad hoc policy.
  • Or when normal policy denies them access.

Enforce ad hoc policy

If you enforce ad hoc policy on a certain service, then users need to request administrator every time they access the service. To do that,

  • Go to service settings.

  • Click edit icon in "Configurations" section.

  • Enable the ad hoc switch

  • Click submit.

Grant users ad hoc access

To grant users temporary ad hoc access,

  • Click "Control" on the main menu.
  • Click on "Ad Hoc" tab.
  • You will see pending adhoc requests and history of older requests.
  • Click "View" on a certain pending request.
  • Choose expiry time.
  • Click on "Grant" or "Reject"