Access SSH Service

Direct Access

When the linux server or workstation is protected with TRASA 2FA agent, just after the username(privilege) and password validation in the login screen, a prompt will appear on your screen.

$ ssh root@host
$ Password:
$ Enter your trasaID:
$ Choose TFA method (enter blank for U2F):

You will have to enter your trasaID(email or username) and enter the TOTP code to perform second step verification.

Via TRASA access proxy

You can access the SSH service either via Browser or SSH client.

Using Browser

  • Login into your TRASA account from browser.

  • If you are an admin user,

    • Click the account button with your initials on the right top
    • Click "My Account" menu ssh-proxy-email
  • You will be redirected to "My Account" page.

  • Search for the service you want to connect to.

  • Click connect and choose the service username.

  • Enter the password and click submit.

  • Choose second factor method and authenticate using mobile app

  • If it's the first time accessing this service, TRASA will ask you to save the SSH host key. Press "y" to do that.

Using SSH clients

  • Connect to 8022 port on TRASA_HOST using any SSH client.
    ssh root@TRASA_HOST -p 8022
  • Enter the TRASA email and password
  • Enter the IP address or name of the service you want to connect to.
  • Enter TOTP code or leave it blank for U2F.
  • If it's the first time accessing this service, TRASA will ask you to save the SSH host key. Enter "yes" to do that.
  • Enter the service password (Upstream server's password).


You can skip TRASA email and password validation using TRASA SSH key. Download the TRASA SSH key and use it while accessing SSH through access proxy.

  • Login to TRASA dashboard
  • Go to the "My Account" in dashboard
  • Click the "Account" tab.
  • Click the menu to get dropdown menu items.
  • Click the "get ssh private key" button" to download the SSH key.ssh-proxy-email
  • Keep the private key in secure location with 0600 permission (read & write permission to owner only).
    sudo chmod 0600 id_rsa
  • If you're using PuTTY, use PuTTYgen to convert the downloaded key id_rsa into id_rsa.ppk.
  • Now use this key to access SSH through TRASA access proxy.
    ssh -i <private_key_path> root@TRASA_HOST -p 8022

This key is used to authenticate to TRASA server, NOT the upstream SSH server. So, you might still be asked for an upstream password.


OpenSSH client

OpenSSH client with TRASA private key

Putty with Password

Putty with TRASA private key

Using private key instead of password

Save private keys in vault (Recommended)

TRASA can save password and private keys in a secure vault. It will automatically inject it while accessing services through access proxy.
To use private key to access SSH, ask your administrator to save the private key in the vault.

Using agent forwarding


SSH Agent forwarding is not recommended since it allows users with root privilege in the server to use your SSH keys.

  • Add the private key to ssh agent ssh-add <private_key_path>
  • Use -A flag ssh -A -i <private_key_path> root@trasa.hostname -p 8022

You can use TRASA private key and service private key at the same time.
ssh -A -i <trasa_private_key_path> -i <service_private_key_path> root@trasa.hostname -p 8022