Access Proxy vs Direct Access


You can use both the access proxy and the native agent at the same time. You can access the native agent installed server through TRASA access proxy.

Access Proxy


TRASA has a built-in proxy for HTTP, SSH, RDP, and SQL protocol. You don't need to enable it, but you may want to configure a firewall policy to enforce access from TRASA proxy only. If users directly access the service, it won't be protected with TRASA.

Pros of using access proxy:

  • Easier to implement. No need to install and configure agents in each server.
  • Session can be recorded (text or video log).
  • Can autofill the saved passwords and keys from the vault.

Direct Access with 2FA agent

generate-ca-btnNative agents are installed on each upstream servers.

The agent will make a request to TRASA server after password authentication to verify policy and second factor.

Pros of using native agents:

  • Can implement 2FA in local login (not just remote login).
  • Last-mile security protection.