zero trust access

Identity Aware Access Proxy
Privileged Access Management
Two-Factor Authentication
Device Hygiene and Context Aware Policies
Web, SSH, RDP, and Database services.

Why you need TRASA ?

Data center or dynamic cloud infrastructure, dedicated servers or ephemeral applications and
services, access by internal team or managed service provider;
TRASA is a free and open source project that provides modern security features and enables best practice security to protect internal infrastructure ( Web, SSH, RDP, and Database services) from unauthorized or malicious access.
protect internal infrastructure
zero trust service access

Secure remote access

Identity aware access proxy, privileged access management, two-factor authentication, device trust, and policies that enable secure remote access to Web, SSH, RDP, and Database services.

Geo spanned access point.

Distributed teams and distributed edge computing is the new norm for modern tech-driven teams. TRASA can be deployed as Geo spanned access points, protecting internal infrastructure access with the highest availability. Configure from a single dashboard, and policy will be synced automatically to every access point.

Geo spanned TRASA

trasa integrations and providers

Integration with Identity and Secret Providers

Unlike legacy access control systems, TRASA directly integrates with an existing user identity provider, service identity providers, and secret managers to protect dynamic infrastructure. TRASA adapts to existing workflows.

Unified Access Control Platform

A unified security platform that can address every access control security requirements for your team. TRASA enbles best practice security by default.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Account Management
Single Sign On

Single Sign On for HTTPs, RDP, SSH
Policy Defind Access Control

Policy Defined Access Control
Credential Vault

Password and Keys Vault
Session Audit

Session Audit
Dual Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication